“Eat Great. Do Good.” is the overarching framework that brings together all of our sustainability programs and initiatives. Our mission is to be passionate and responsible, while following these guiding principles:

  • Do the right things for our people and our planet
  • Make environmental considerations a priority in every decision
  • Act responsibly, to preserve what we can
  • Be passionate ambassadors to help raise sustainability consciousness
  • Follow the triple bottom line – Deliver economic profit, provide ecological benefit and impart benefits to local communities

At Ted’s Montana Grill, we strive to do the right things for our guests, our people and the planet. This began when our founders pioneered the effort to preserve the American bison by returning it to America’s table. They not only saved the species from extinction; they also built a restaurant company founded on the values of the Great American West, where genuine hospitality is a virtue and authentic food is always on your table.

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Our Founders:
Ted Turner & George McKerrow, Jr.