Culinary Manager Job Description
Title: Culinary Manager
Department: Operations
Reports to: Proprietor
Typical Work Week: Varied

Position Summary:

  • Trains and educates new Team Members on Ted’s Montana Grill culture, philosophies, standards and operations.
  • Creates an experience that every guest will seek to repeat.
  • Manages all Team Members under their supervision, including counseling, disciplining and scheduling.
  • Responsible for keeping food cost, cost of sales, labor cost within budget.
  • Maintains clean and safe working conditions in the kitchen.
  • Controls costs by constantly training and educating Team Members and fellow Managers.
  • Attends weekly management meetings.
  • Builds teamwork among Team Members and fellow Managers.
  • Creates a fun and energetic environment.

Major Responsibilities:

The Culinary Manager position is primarily made up of three core responsibilities: People, Sales & Profits.


  • Selects, hires, trains and develops the best Heart-of-the-House (HOH) Team Members.
  • Ensures Team Members are treated with dignity and respect.
  • Sets clear performance expectations through directions and goals; actively listens to Team Members to determine needs and concerns and quickly responds.
  • Provides clear feedback through effective praise, coaching and counseling.
  • Acknowledges and celebrates team and individual successes.
  • Resolves Team Member conflicts constructively and professionally.
  • Works with Team Leads and Certified Trainers to ensure standards are followed.
  • Consistently follows TMG hiring procedures and practices.
  • Ensures current training materials and programs are consistently utilized in Team Member Training.
  • Follows Progressive Discipline Guidelines to ensure that all Team Members are disciplined and warned consistently.
  • Conducts timely Performance Appraisals and fairly administers salary changes.
  • Posts HOH schedules on time and fairly handles schedule requests that balance the Team Member and Company’s needs.
  • Resolves Team Member conflicts constructively and professionally.
  • Analyzes current and future staffing needs for appropriate planning.
  • Scrupulously follows all labor laws and manages for equal opportunity.


  • Ensures that all food is prepared according to recipe and served at the proper temperature and presentation.
  • Orders effectively to ensure the proper amount of quality product is available. Reduces unnecessary costs by buying product that is not contracted.
  • Maintains TMG and Health Department standards at all times.
  • Conducts quality line checks at regularly scheduled intervals.
  • Organizes, trains and manages to ensure that proper food handling and cleaning procedures are utilized.
  • Adheres to all Standards of Operational Excellence on a daily basis which includes: line checks, ticket times, labor tracking, grind sheet, etc.
  • Maintains appropriate HOH staffing levels for each shift.
  • When necessary, handles guest complaints with a sense of urgency, poise and good judgment.
  • Establishes excellent guest service and satisfaction as a priority through personal example and follow-through.
  • Ensures the HOH staff appropriately supports and assists the FOH Team Members by providing them with all products needed to execute an excellent guest experience.
  • Always looks for opportunities to create a CHARGE (Creating Hospitality Around Remarkable Guest Experiences) experience for the guests.


  • Manages all TMG Kitchen standards (grind sheet, line checks, etc.) to ensure that budgeted food goals are met or exceeded while quality standards are maintained.
  • Demonstrates a working understanding of labor cost control through effective scheduling and proactive management.
  • Follows inventory procedures and utilizes AIC Inventory Control to consistently conduct and report an accurate inventory.
  • Effectively identifies financial trends and operational problems by utilizing the P&L and other reports.
  • Utilizes the back office computer system, TMX & Aloha efficiently and effectively.
  • Controls financial assets and maintains records.
  • Processes invoices in a timely manner.
  • Meticulously follows cash handling policies and procedures.

Professionalism and Style Expectations:

The following is expected of every Team Member and Manager at Ted’s Montana Grill:

  • Serves great food with great service and a great attitude.
  • Projects and assignments are completed thoroughly, professionally and with care in a timely manner.
  • Adjusts to high pressure situations and is open to change.
  • Assumes responsibility for personal growth and development.
  • Conducts themselves (acts & dresses) professionally at all times while setting the standard for all Team Members.
  • Understands and communicates the TMG Mission Statement and Core Values.
  • Expresses ideas and conveys information clearly, effectively and professionally.
  • Works to resolve disagreements; is respectful of peers and co-workers.

Knowledge and Skills:

Special Skills or knowledge necessary for this position:

  • Strong restaurant operations background.
  • Strong Training background.
  • Strong communication skills verbal and written.
  • Strong proof-reading skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills. Able to communicate with individuals at all levels of the corporation.
  • Organizational skills-Ability to be organized in a changing environment.
  • Ability to maintain a calm professional demeanor during periods of uncertainty or crisis.

Essential Physical Requirements:

Daily physical requirements and/or number of pounds that may need to be lifted on the job:

  • Stands during the entire shift.
  • Reaches, bends, squats, stoops, shakes, pours, carries, pushes and lifts.
  • Lifts and carries tubs, trays, and cases weighing up to 100 pounds up to 20 times per shift.
  • Frequent exposure to smoke, steam, high temperatures, humidity and extreme cold.